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The aim of the FPGALink project is to provide a hardware abstraction layer for hardware involving an FPGA connected to a computer over USB, to abstract core functionality like FPGA-programming and subsequent host-FPGA communication. It doesn't matter whether the hardware uses an AVR, an FX2LP or an ... [More] ARM-based micro for its USB interface. It doesn't matter whether the FPGA is from Xilinx or Altera or Lattice or whomever. It doesn't matter whether the interface between them is a fast 43MiB/s parallel synchronous interface, a much slower EPP interface or some sort of USART connection. The cross-platform, cross-language host-side API is the same, and the FPGA-side (VHDL or Verilog) FIFO interface is the same, so you can easily port your design to a new FPGA devkit or to your own custom PCB. [Less]

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