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  Analyzed about 2 months ago

Centreon provides comprehensive IT availability and performance monitoring. Open source and free, Centreon adapts to any complex and hybrid IT environmments changes. Centreon features three major open source software components, fully optimized to work best together: · Centreon Engine: powerful ... [More] data collection system of universal monitoring indicators for major OS, servers, infrastructure assets and resources · Centreon broker: multiplexer that ensures smooth and autonomous data transmissions to the monitoring console while treating events and analyzing relevant correlations. · Centreon Web : universal monitoring console providing concise operational views that’s easy to understand and manage. Centreon Web is simple and pleasant to use for the greatest number of users [Less]

853K lines of code

63 current contributors

4 months since last commit

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FAN Nagios CD


  Analyzed 2 days ago

FAN (Fully Automated Nagios) goal is to provide a CD based on CentOS in order to simplify installation of Nagios and other Nagios tools. Tools installed by FAN are: Linux, MySQL, Nagios, Nagios Plugins, NaReTo, NagVis, Centreon, Net-SNMP and NDOUtils.

1.72K lines of code

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over 11 years since last commit

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Network Weathermap


  Analyzed about 1 hour ago

Weathermap is a network visualisation tool, to take data you already have and show you an overview of your network in map form.

52.9K lines of code

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over 4 years since last commit

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