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Centreon provides comprehensive IT availability and performance monitoring. Open source and free, Centreon adapts to any complex and hybrid IT environmments changes.

Centreon features three major open source software components, fully optimized to work best together:
· Centreon Engine: powerful data collection system of universal monitoring indicators for major OS, servers, infrastructure assets and resources
· Centreon broker: multiplexer that ensures smooth and autonomous data transmissions to the monitoring console while treating events and analyzing relevant correlations.
· Centreon Web : universal monitoring console providing concise operational views that’s easy to understand and manage. Centreon Web is simple and pleasant to use for the greatest number of users


administration ajax c cacti capacity_planning centreon configuration dashboard disk distributed_monitoring email graph gui hosting hosts inventory it java linux logging management map memory mib monitoring mysql nagios ndo network networking nms notification performance perl php phpweathermap ping plugin qos reports rrdtool security service sla smarty sms snmp snmptt statistics syslog system tools topology traps_snmp unix voice weathermap web xslt

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