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Posted 11 months ago by justin
We have been cryptographically signing Matomo releases since 2014, so you can verify the signature of the release you downloaded. Up until Matomo 4.8.0 releases were signed with Matthieu Aubry’s personal signature. In Matomo 4.8.0 we made some improvements to ... Read More
Posted 11 months ago by Matthieu Aubry
Since the launch of GDPR, one big question has lingered around with uncertainty – is Google Analytics GDPR compliant? The current GDPR enforcement trend happening across the EU is certainly shedding some light on this question. Starting with the Austrian ... Read More
Posted 12 months ago by erin
Breaking news: The French Data Protection Agency, CNIL (Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés), has concluded that the use of Google Analytics is illegal under GDPR. The CNIL has begun issuing formal notices to website managers using Google Analytics. ... Read More
Posted about 1 year ago by erin
The latest version of Google Analytics promises a new era of digital analytics, but the reception isn’t all positive. Online communities and digital media sources tell of a widespread backlash as a result of the complex workarounds and illogical user ... Read More
Posted about 1 year ago by erin
Breaking news: The Austrian Data Protection Authority (“Datenschutzbehörde” or “DSB” or “DPA”) has ruled that Austrian website providers using Google Analytics are in violation of the GDPR.  This ruling stems from a decision made in 2020 by the Court of ... Read More
Posted about 1 year ago by erin
Matomo is the leading open-source analytics solution free from data limitations.  As our mission states, we aim to create, as a community, the leading open digital analytics platform that gives every user full control of their data.  To do this, ... Read More
Posted about 1 year ago by erin
Everyone wants their website to rank highly in Google — and that’s exactly why the world of SEO is so competitive. In order to succeed in such a crowded space, it’s essential to equip yourself with the right tools and ... Read More
Posted about 1 year ago by erin
2021 has been an exciting year at Matomo! We’re grateful for all community members who reported feedback and suggestions, our awesome team of translators for their work, and our Premium features customers and Matomo Cloud hosting customers for their amazing ... Read More
Posted about 1 year ago by erin
Websites today have become very complex to manage, and as you continue to look for ways to optimise your website, you’ll want to consider using a Tag Manager.  A Tag Manager will help your marketing team seamlessly track how your ... Read More
Posted about 1 year ago by Joselyn Khor
Exceeded Google Analytics’ 10M hits data limit, now what? “Your data volume (1XXM hits) exceeds the limit of 10M hits per month as outlined in our Terms of Service. If you continue to exceed the limit, we will stop processing ... Read More