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Not easy to tune  
written almost 15 years ago

The solution overall might be great (it is very complete indeed), but the code structure is very hard to get into, making process customisations (like not requiring a customer e-mail) very difficult.

The documentation provided on the website helps, but one cannot see much useful comments inside the code.

The interface is not the most beautiful I've seen, but it is almost user-friendly.
There is still place for improvements on that side anyway.

People providing non-IT support (meaning people that are not computer-savvy) with this tool might have a hard time getting into it.
All in all, it does the job of providing a support ticket tool.

Keep up the good work, with a little more effort, this might get much more interesting to work with.

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Great project already and better fu...  
written almost 12 years ago

Chamilo is a great project as it is. With version, Chamilo definitely establishes its position as the easiest and most complete GPL e-learning suite around.

You will find no buggy plugins in Chamilo, everything is included. Just click and enable what you want to use. Voice recording, speech synthesis, diagrams drawing, learning paths building, SCORM management, exercises (QTI,HotPotatoes,XLS,HotSpot,etc) is all in there.

The non-profit association behind it ensures a nice collaboration between all members, including private companies regularly contributing to its development. Chamilo is particularly re-known in Europe and Latin America, with a user base of over 400,000 students (ref: in only one year of activity.

Above all, Chamilo is easy. Our users love it (portals frequently reach 10% of "total registered users" connected at the same time at midnight on a Sunday night)

If you want to try it, do it freely at!

We love your passion for teaching, so we made this great tool to let you teach better, to more people!

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