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Thousand Parsec enlistments


Would somebody be able to give our enlistments which are stuck in a "Failed" state a kick?

Thanks for your help.


Tim 'mithro... almost 15 years ago


Say, mithro, if you want to continue investigating the line count issues we discussed in this thread, we probably have better tools available for this now. The Ohcount tool from will help us drill into specific directories and get detailed counts. Let me know if you want to give this a whirl.


Robin Luckey almost 15 years ago

I'm a bit low on time, but if you give me some instructions on what I should be doing or looking at I would be happy to help.

We currently have a student working on our project as part of his school work, it would be really cool to use ohloh stats to get some hard numbers on his progress and productivity. If you wish to contact me directly you can use my email address ( is a good spam trap :) - I only really check the site once or twice a week.

Tim 'mithro... almost 15 years ago