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Subversion plug-in for Visual Studio.

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SgmlReader is a versatile .NET library written in C# for parsing HTML/SGML files. The original community around SgmlReader used to be hosted by GotDotNet, but it has been phased out. MindTouch Dream and MindTouch Deki use extensively the SgmlReader library. We found and fixed a few bugs in it ... [More] as well. In the spirit of the original author, we're providing back these changes on the MindTouch Developer Center site. [Less]

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  Analyzed about 22 hours ago

Do you like boo? Do you like Visual Studio 2008? Well, then you should like BooLangStudio! BooLangStudio is a plugin for Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition and up, that adds support for the Boo language to Visual Studio.

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RESX Tools


  Analyzed 4 days ago

The RESX project gathers several open tools to edit and operate RESX files. * Resx Editor is a small translation-oriented file editor. * Resx2word and Word2resx are command-line utilities to convert your Microsoft RESX 2.0 resource files into Microsoft Word 2003 documents (and vice-versa)

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