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  Analyzed about 24 hours ago

Tracker is a first class object database, extensible tag/metadata database, search tool and indexer. It can trawl through your hard drive and index existing files and data stores It has been designed from the ground up to be very lightweight (the tracker daemon consumes ~4MB of RAM in typical ... [More] use) yet at the same time very fast too. It provides a comprehensive, persistent and extensible storage system that can store and index almost any object. These objects can also have extensible user defined metadata and tags to create rich first class objects. [Less]

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OpenLink Virtuoso (Open-Source Edition)

  Analyzed 3 months ago

Virtuoso is a scalable cross-platform server that combines Relational, Graph, and Document Data Management with Web Application Server and Web Services Platform functionality.

2.42M lines of code

9 current contributors

3 months since last commit

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  Analyzed about 14 hours ago

4store is a database storage and query engine that holds RDF data. It has been used by Garlik as their primary RDF platform for three years, and has proved itself to be robust and secure.

108K lines of code

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Linked Sensor Middleware (deri-lsm)


  Analyzed 8 months ago

Sensing devices are becoming the source of a large portion of the Web data. To facilitate the integration of sensed data with data from other sources, both sensor stream sources and data are being enriched with semantic descriptions, creating Linked Stream Data. Despite its enormous potential ... [More] , little has been done to explore Linked Stream Data. One of the main characteristics of such data is its "live"' nature, which prohibits existing Linked Data technologies to be applied directly. Moreover, there is currently a lack of tools to facilitate publishing Linked Stream Data and making it available to other applications. To address these issues we have developed the Linked Sensor Middleware (LSM), a platform that brings together the live real world sensed data and the Semantic Web. [Less]

5.92M lines of code

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over 1 year since last commit

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