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Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs


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SLIME is a new Emacs mode for Common Lisp development. Inspired by existing systems such Emacs Lisp and ILISP, we are working to create a fresh new environment for hacking Common Lisp in. SLIME extends Emacs with new support for interactive programming in Common Lisp. The features are centered ... [More] around slime-mode, an Emacs minor-mode that complements the standard lisp-mode. While lisp-mode supports editing Lisp source files, slime-mode adds support for interacting with a running Common Lisp process for compilation, debugging, documentation lookup, and so on. The slime-mode programming environment follows the example of Emacs's native Emacs Lisp environment. We have also included good ideas from similar systems (such as ILISP) and some new ideas of our own. SLIME is constructed fro [Less]

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GBBopen is an open source AI blackboard-system framework. Multi-dimensional abstraction of the blackboard repository (“spaces”), blackboard objects, and proximity-based retrieval patterns are used to provide a semantically meaningful separation of repository indexing and retrieval mechanisms from ... [More] knowledge source (KS) and control code. This separation allows storage and search strategies to change dynamically as well as to be adapted easily to a broad range of application areas. GBBopen also provides highly efficient and extensible event primitives that form the foundation for fast and flexible opportunistic-control reasoning. [Less]

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