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Ninja - Naemon GUI Project


Claimed by OP5 AB Analyzed 4 months ago

The Ninja project is an attempt to develop an alternative Nagios gui with the aim of being the most useful Open Source web front end for Nagios. You will be able to use them as a combination or replacement to the existing CGI's. Ninja is work in progress and we would love to get your input, ideas or ... [More] most preferably patches ;) Nowadays the preferred backend is Naemon in combination with naemon-livestatus. [Less]

119K lines of code

21 current contributors

5 months since last commit

10 users on Open Hub

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merlin - Naemon/Nagios module


Claimed by OP5 AB Analyzed about 11 hours ago

merlin - Module for Endless Redundancy and Loadbalancing In Naemon/Nagios The Merlin project was initially started to create an easy way to set up distributed Nagios installations allowing Nagios processes to exchange information directly as an alternative to the standard Nagios way using NSCA. ... [More] When starting the Ninja project we realized that we could continue the work on Merlin and adopt the project to function as backend for Ninja by adding support for storing the status information in a database, fault tolerance and some other cool things. This means that Merlin now are responsible for providing status data, acting as a backend, for the Ninja GUI. [Less]

35.2K lines of code

10 current contributors

2 months since last commit

5 users on Open Hub

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