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Claimed by The MirOS Project Analyzed almost 3 years ago

mksh is the MirBSD Korn Shell, largely similar to the original AT&T ksh, pdksh’s actively developed successor, portable. It includes bug fixes and improvements in order to produce a modern, robust shell good for interactive and especially script use. It has UTF-8 support and extended ... [More] compatibility to other modern shells. mksh compiles on: MirOS gcc3+pcc+SUNWcc, MidnightBSD gcc3+pcc; BSD/OS gcc1+2; DragonFly,Free/Net/OpenBSD gcc3+4; AIX gcc4+xlC9; DEC OSF/1 v2,ULTRIX 4.5 MIPS, Tru64 4/5.1 CompaqC+gcc2; HP-UX PA-RISC/IA64 gcc3+aCC; IRIX gcc3+MIPSpro; MacOSX,iPhone gcc3/4+llvm-gcc; QNX; Solaris 8/10 gcc3+SUNWcc; Interix gcc+msc; Cygwin gcc; UWIN-NT dmc+msc+Borland; GNU/Linux/kFreeBSD/HURD dietlibc+libc5+µClibc gcc2/3/4+icc+llvm-gcc+nwcc+tcc+TenDRA+llvm-clang; Haiku gcc; Minix3; Android; … [Less]

88.8K lines of code

2 current contributors

about 3 years since last commit

20 users on Open Hub

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  Analyzed 1 day ago

The KornShell language was designed and developed by David G. Korn at AT&T Bell Laboratories. It is an interactive command language that provides access to the UNIX system and to many other systems, on the many different computers and workstations on which it is implemented. The KornShell ... [More] language is also a complete, powerful, high-level programming language for writing applications, often more easily and quickly than with other high-level languages. This makes it especially suitable for prototyping. There are two other widely used shells, the Bourne shell developed by Steven Bourne at AT&T Bell Laboratories, and the C shell developed by Bill Joy at the University of California. ksh has the best features of both, plus many new features of its own. Thus ksh can do much to enhance your produ [Less]

664K lines of code

10 current contributors

about 2 years since last commit

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Claimed by The MirOS Project Analyzed 4 months ago

Loose collection of fragments of shell scripts and programmes of random usefulness. May or may not work. Intended not so much for direct usage, but more as collection of examples. Aim for “good” code, to raise the overall quality of shell code on the world, which we believe has suffered from too ... [More] many bad tutorials written by beginners for absolute newbies… Also added: useful-scripts.git, which contains things not written in Shell. [Less]

20.7K lines of code

1 current contributors

4 months since last commit

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kwalletcli – shell access for KDE Wallet


Claimed by The MirOS Project Analyzed almost 2 years ago

Command-Line Interface to the KDE Wallet (currently for KDE 3 and KDE 4 both – separate binaries though). Includes supplementary tools: • CLI for pinentry (Aegypten protocol client) • pinentry-kwallet (Aegypten protocol server, for use with GnuPG 2 gpg-agent) • kwalletaskpass ... [More] (ssh-askpass(1) replacement) This tool can be used to defer password storage for a lot of applications, including Gajim, to the KDE Wallet, if you trust it to store them securely “enough” for you then. Patches for pidgin, etc. to use kwalletcli are in preparation. This work has been sponsored by tarent GmbH. [Less]

557 lines of code

0 current contributors

about 5 years since last commit

2 users on Open Hub

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