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XiVO Solutions


  Analyzed 9 months ago

XiVO is a complete IP communications system for businesses, based on Asterisk and licensed under GPLv3. • This powerful and scalable solution provides access to a comprehensive set of telephony, voice mail and call center functions. XiVO is an open system, enabling development of new functions ... [More] to tailor it perfectly to your requirements. • The XiVO solution boasts these features: - web interface for easy administration, supervision and operation,, - provisioning server to facilitate mass deployment of telephone services, - CTI server giving access to additional features via the XiVO Client application. • XiVO's flexible design does not restrict the choice of system architecture. [Less]

367K lines of code

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9 months since last commit

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  Analyzed 23 days ago

Wazo is mainly an IPBX that provides communication services such audio, video, and instant messaging based on the use of standard network technologies such as the TCP/IP protocol. It is interoperable with most market telephony systems and gives users access to flexible and advanced services without ... [More] requiring specialized hardware. Wazo is an application suite based on several free existing components including Asterisk, and our own developments to provide communication services (IPBX, Unified Messaging, ...) to businesses. Wazo is a fork of XiVO and can be extended via plugins and interconnection via REST APIs. [Less]

637K lines of code

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23 days since last commit

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