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  Analyzed almost 3 years ago

Nexuiz is a fast-paced, chaotic, and intense multiplayer first-person shooter game, focused on providing basic, old style deathmatch. It is extremely modder-friendly. Nexuiz is built on the power of the Darkplaces engine, which is a heavily modified version of the original Quake. Darkplaces features ... [More] realtime lighting and stencil shadows, bumpmapping, gloss, bloom, and totally rewritten network code that supports up to 64 players on a single server. [Less]

0 lines of code

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Licenses: gpl



  Analyzed over 2 years ago

Xonotic is a fast paced free, open-source first person shooter licensed under the GNU General Public License.

954K lines of code

31 current contributors

over 2 years since last commit

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Licenses: GNU_Gener..., gpl3



  Analyzed 2 months ago

NetRadiant is a fork of the well-known map editor for Q3 based games, GtkRadiant 1.5. The focus is put on stabilizing and bugfixing the included map compiler, q3map2, so it can become a reliable tool for map authors.

521K lines of code

6 current contributors

3 months since last commit

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