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openHAB - empowering the smart home


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openHAB is a Java-based open-source home automation platform that integrates and combines a vast range of different smart home systems and technologies into one single solution. On top of the unified abstraction layer all connected devices are available for the overarching automation rule engines ... [More] and different user interfaces. Over 200 specific add-ons provide support for brands, devices, technologies and communication protocols. Examples are Z-Wave, Philips Hue, Amazon Echo, Chromecast and Sonos. Discover all available add-ons and supported devices and/or functions at: http://docs.openhab.org/addons/bindings.html [Less]

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ioBroker is an integration platform for the Internet of Things, focused on Building Automation, Smart Metering, Ambient Assisted Living, Process Automation, Visualization and Data Logging. It aims to be a possible replacement or extension for software like f.e. fhem, OpenHAB or the thing system by ... [More] the end of 2015. ioBroker is the successor of CCU.IO, a project quite popular in the german HomeMatic community. ioBroker is not just an application, it's more of a a concept, a database schema, and offers a very easy way for systems to interoperate. ioBroker defines some common rules for a pair of databases used to exchange data and publish events between different systems. [Less]

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