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Umbraco is a .NET-based CMS+ that let's all people involved in creating and managing web applications easily collaborate and have a clear view of can be and needs to be done.

For developers:
Full .net 4.0 integration, webservices, extendable XSLT, the list goes on.

For designers:
Simple and flexible tools that makes it fun to be a website designer again. No more modules or templates, but complete freedom wrapped in web-standards bliss.

For end-users:
No more slow UIs or phonebook sized manuals. Your end-users will love the intuitive interface and the extensive featureset for publishing and managing content.

For professionals"
We've mixed the freedome of Open-source with commercial offerings that give professionals a greater confidence developing solutions on Umbraco.


aspnet c# cms cms_focus content_management framework net xhtml xslt

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    in 2016, 47% of companies did not have formal process in place to track OS code
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