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Posted almost 6 years ago by Eion Robb
It suddenly occurred to me that I never posted about the new prpls that I’ve written since the Hangouts prpl. Today we shall fix that. Rocket.Chat The first plugin since Hangouts was one for Rocket.Chat, an open-source team communications platform (read: Slack-clone) that uses the Meteor DDP protocol (ugh, RAS syndrome!) for syncing data over […]
Posted about 6 years ago by Eion Robb
Part of my day job is creating a mobile app, of which one of the platforms we deploy to is iOS. We still have some users out there on iPad 1’s and the latest version of iOS that’s available for them is 5.1.1, which the latest version of XCode (version 8.1 at time of writing) […]
Posted about 7 years ago by Eion Robb
So Pidgin has fairly alrightish support for Hangouts through the XMPP server that Google provides. Unfortunately it’s missing a whole bunch of stuff – like group chats, self-sent messages et. al. – that make it just that little bit annoying to use. So we had a Summer of Code 2015 student start work on a […]
Posted about 7 years ago by Eion Robb
So I was allowed to have a few days break from my day-job over the xmas break, and in between making desserts and back-breaking work in the garden, I managed to do a few Pidgin related things 🙂 I initially had planned to achieve 5 things: Move all my code from Google Code Fix up the […]
Posted over 7 years ago by Eion Robb
So unfortunately I’ve had to discontinue work on the MightyText plugin for Pidgin. Semi-recently, Google changed their authentication process to no longer allow an old type of auth. Unfortunately, the new system (OAuth) relies on the user having a web browser to login with, which isn’t something we can assume with libpurple (have you tried […]
Posted about 8 years ago by Eion Robb
So, Skype have recently announced a new, web-accessible version of Skype. Currently it’s invite-only, closed beta but I’ve managed to have a look around to see what it’s capable of and how it works. They’ve talked about making it work with WebRTC but at the moment it needs a separate download to get a browser […]
Posted over 8 years ago by Eion Robb
So it’s been recently announced that Facebook are planning on turning off their XMPP gateway for Facebook Messaging. Their announcement says that it’ll be completely turned off for good as of April 2015, but that it’s just deprecated for now. This is kind of a bittersweet announcement. The XMPP gateway was never really as feature-complete […]
Posted almost 10 years ago by Eion Robb
As part of the Windows 8 App Store requirements, if your app has internet/network connectivity then you’re required to not only have a privacy policy in your app store description, but also as a Charms menu item. Unfortunately all the docs suck for how to add a simple charms menu item to open the privacy […]
Posted about 10 years ago by Eion Robb
Fun conversation in the #pidgin IRC channel this morning about the latest news about Microsoft shutting down the MSN servers later this year. As part of it, a few people wanted to start using MSN-over-XMPP using the msn-xmpp plugin for Pidgin. I have some uncommitted (and unfinished) code on my computer to convert the plugin […]
Posted about 10 years ago by Eion Robb
I’ve been using the OpenDyslexic font from Abelardo Gonzalez ever since I read about it on Slashdot. I wanted to try it out on my Android phone that’s running MIUI rom and the easiest way to do that is by creating a theme. You can download the theme from: here, then you just need to […]