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The SELF Platform will have two main functions. It will be simultaneously a
knowledge base and a collaborative production facility: On the one hand, it
will provide information, educational and training materials that can be
presented in different languages and forms: from course texts, presentations,
e-learning programmes and platforms to tutor software, e-books, instructional
and educational videos and manuals. On the other hand, it will offer a
platform for the evaluation, adaptation, creation and translation of these
materials. The production process of such materials will be based on the
organisational model of Wikipedia.
This software project is akin to what Wikimedia is to Wikipedia. The users of
this software can be any educational or training institute that intends to run
an online distributed collaborative authoring and learning service.
Project website: http://www.selfproject.eu/
Other Software Required:
The platform is based on Python, Zope, and GNOWSYS (the latter is a GNU
Project), and does not have any non-free software dependencies.
Other Comments:
The first development release can be downloaded from


collaborationplatform course_management_system courseware educational educationalmaterials educationaltechnology e-learning freesoftware gnowsys knowledge knowledgemanagementsystem learning_management_system lessons multilingual networking pedagogic plone python teaching versioncontrolsystem

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