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Simple Embedded ARM Linux System:

The SEALs project consists of scripts that will enable one to build a simple yet complete skeletal ARM/Linux system, emulated using the powerful QEMU emulator.

The SEAL scripts automate:
- using a cross-compiler
- ARM / Linux kernel config and build
- creating a skeletal root filesystem from scratch
- integrating the components together, using QEMU (qemu-system-arm, particularly) to run the same in an emulated environment.

Very useful for developers / testers to try things out in a custom ARM/Linux isolated guest (VM) system.

** Please first read the 'SEALs HOWTO' page in the Wiki section of this project [https://github.com/kaiwan/seals/wiki/SEALs-HOWTO] to better understand how to build and use this project. **


arm emulation linuxkernel qemu root_filesystem

In a Nutshell, SEALS Simple Embedded ARM Linux System...

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