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Project Summary

Qataki is a command line microblogging client. It supports Identi.ca, Twitter and arbitrary StatusNet sites.

* Post, reply, retweet, send direct messages.
* Read personal, public, users and groups timeline (last statuses).
* Read messages directed to you (i.e., where you are mentioned).
* Multiple accounts support.
* Read messages in context (i.e., conversations; feature available only for Identi.ca/StatusNet sites).
* Search for notices.
* Pastebin.com integration

Qataki is a shell script. It depends on cURL and ELinks (or Lynx if ELinks is not installed), besides usual UNIX utilities (like sed/awk/grep).


bash cli client command-line command_line commandline identica ksh microblog microblogging statusnet twitter twitter-client

In a Nutshell, Qataki...


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