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Project Summary

Open source set-top box software
The PLi® team builds firmware for all linux based Dreambox STB models, as well as for the VU+ Solo, Uno and Duo, the Clark-Tech ET5000 and ET9000, and the Xtrend CT-5000, CT-9000 and CT-9100.

The software for all these firmware images is released into the Open Source domain, under the name “OpenPLi”, and licensed by GPL v 2(unless stated otherwise).

The current team members are:
PLi Core Team

dAF2000, Erik Slagter, Frenske, Gerrit, Hemertje, Henksat, Hyunday magic, Lite, Littlesat, MickeyM, MiLo, Mirakels, pieterg, PLi, radxnl, Redneck Eyeball, Rick Hunter, Roodkapke, Ruko, Sat-Turner, Sjaaky, Tech, WanWizard
PLi Beta Team

bartender, boki15, donk, Hansaplast, hemispherical1, ims, jonc, nfnovice, ronnie, saycbone, updatelee, malakudi


clarketech dreambox dvb e2openplugins enigma enigma2 freesoftware gpl linux linuxkernel opensource set_top_boxes television tux vu+ xtrend

GNU General Public License version 2

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30 Day Summary

Aug 31 2017 — Sep 30 2017

12 Month Summary

Sep 30 2016 — Sep 30 2017
  • 2106 Commits
    Down -554 (20%) from previous 12 months
  • 77 Contributors
    Up + 12 (18%) from previous 12 months


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