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Project Summary

OpenBricks is an enterprise-grade embedded Linux framework that provides easy creation of custom distributions for industrial embedded devices. It features a complete embedded development kit for rapid deployment on x86, ARM, PowerPC and MIPS systems with support for industry leaders. Pick your device, select your software bricks and cook your product !

OpenBricks reduces development efforts by abstracting the low-level interface to your device. It supports all Khronos industry standards (OpenGL|ES, OpenVG, OpenMAX …) and major applicative frameworks (Qt, GTK, EFL, SDL) for you to only focus on your end-user application.

OpenBricks is an OpenSource framework. It’s the masterpiece framework behind your next design product. OpenBricks currently sustains the GeeXboX project.


amd64 arm arm7 arm9 atom broadcom bsp buildroot codesourcery cortex device directfb distribution distro dsp efl egl embedded embeddedlinux embeddedoperatingsystem enterprise framebuffer framework free geexbox gpl gpl2 gtk hardware_acceleration i386 intel khronos linux marvell mips mips32 montavista multicore multithreading nas neon nvidia openbricks openembedded opengl opengles openmax open-source openvg operating-system opkg powerpc ppc qt rootfs router scratchbox sdl settopbox simd smp smt soc stb ti toolchain toolkit touchscreen vaapi vdpau windriver x86 x86-64 x86_64

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