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Posted about 5 years ago by iliekcomputers
Hi, all. I worked on the recent migration of AcousticBrainz to the central Hetzner infrastructure that hosts all our other projects. It was a fun experience that I would like to share on this blog. This was the first time I worked with a production database of this scale, and it was a real learning […]
Posted about 5 years ago by alastairporter
We had an in-person meeting at the MTG during the MetaBrainz summit to discuss the status and future of AcousticBrainz. We came up with a rough outline of things that we want to work on over the next year or so. This is a small list of tasks that we think will have a good impact […]
Posted about 5 years ago by Freso
One of the things various people have asked MusicBrainz for time and time again has been genres. However, genres are hard to do right and they’re very much subjective—with MusicBrainz dealing almost exclusively with objective data. It’s been a recurring discussion on almost all of our summits, but a couple years ago (with some help […]
Posted about 5 years ago by yvanzo
This release includes a first implementation of genres – expect more information as a blog post in the following days. The search results page has been converted to React for every type of search except the edit search, which is implemented separately. The homepage, the ISWC page and the sidebars have been converted too. Additionally, […]
Posted about 5 years ago by iliekcomputers
Hullo! We’ve been working on a system to import listens automatically to ListenBrainz from Spotify and we’ve recently deployed it to the ListenBrainz beta site. We would really appreciate it if you could help us test it out! Please note that this is still beta software, there is a (very small) chance that we might […]
Posted about 5 years ago by Justin W. Flory
Making graphs is easy. Making intuitive, easy-to-understand graphs? It’s harder than most people think. At the Rochester Institute of Technology, the ISTE-260 (Designing the User Experience) course teaches the language of design to IT students. For ... [More] an introductory exercise in the class, students are tasked to visualize any set of data they desire. Students David […] [Less]
Posted about 5 years ago by Justin W. Flory
One of the first rites of passage when working on a new project is creating your development environment. It always seems simple, but sometimes there are bumps along the way. The first activity I did to begin contributing to ListenBrainz was create my development environment. I wasn’t successful with the documentation in the README, so […]
Posted about 5 years ago by CatQuest
At the end of the last version I was getting into the groove—and feeling determined. I had managed to vittle down the instrument backlog to half! I though surely I could do even better! Let’s start digging into the meat of things and, get serious. Now we were going to do things seriously, so therefore […]
Posted about 5 years ago by Chhavi
Hello, I am Chhavi. I have mostly been helping around with all things design in MetaBrainz. I recently graduated from IIT Guwahati, India and started contributing to MusicBrainz after attending the summit last year, around the same time. As a Google Summer of Code student, my project was to build a design system with React […]
Posted about 5 years ago by ruaok
Many moons ago people clamoured for a way for them to use MusicBrainz via their old FreeDB (and others) enabled players. The hope was that this would be a short term solution as more players picked up MusicBrainz support so we created the FreeDB gateway that allowed old clients to use an ancient interface to […]