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Analyzed about 3 years ago. based on code collected over 3 years ago.
Posted over 13 years ago by Adam
Like photography? Like to program? Lifebox is looking for programmers to help contribute and improve its code. Lifebox as a personal media sharing platform has a lot of potential; unfortunately, it still has a bunch of bugs and needs a ton of ... [More] usability improvements. I'm looking to build a team of strong developers who are passionate about photography to help strengthen the project. [Less]
Posted almost 14 years ago by Adam
Yesterday I created a page on freshmeat for Lifebox to officially announce the project. We've gotten around 1,000 downloads in the past two days which is pretty exciting, and the bug reports have been rolling in. I'm hoping to get most of the ... [More] installation bugs resolved by 1.0.5 so if you have any issues during installation please submit a bug report. In the meantime, if you are looking for installation troubleshooting that may not necessarily be a bug, please post in the forums. Thanks, and have a great week. [Less]
Posted almost 14 years ago by admin
Installing Lifebox on Fedora is pretty easy. Easier than on other distributions, in fact. There are bunch of binaries for ffmpeg that come pre-compiled with support for H.264, AAC, and MP3 audio. This saves us a lot of time and keeps our system ... [More] cleaner since we don't have to break from rpm distributions. Depending on the specs of your machine, this install should take about 15 minutes. Good luck, and if you have any trouble or questions, visit the forums. [Less]
Posted almost 14 years ago by Adam
Installing lifebox on Ubuntu is fairly straightforward, the difficult part involves compiling ffmpeg to enable video support. The binaries included with Ubuntu do not include the libraries to support H.264 video encoding, nor the audio codecs to ... [More] enable MP3 or AAC playback. Because of this, we have to download and compile from the source in a specific order. Hopefully this tutorial will make the installation process easier, and will save some time. In addition, I'm going to include it as a README with the distribution. Good luck, and if you have any trouble or questions, visit the forums. [Less]
Posted almost 14 years ago by Adam
After many months of programming, I’m excited to announce the first downloadable release of lifebox.  I’d like to take a few minutes to talk about some of lifebox’s great features.  What makes lifebox so exciting, among many things, is that it’s the first web application that seamlessly integrates all your photos and videos together in [...]
Posted almost 14 years ago by Adam
Just installed wordpress 7.1 as the blogging / CME system of choice for the Lifebox download page. I'm hoping to use this site to post updates regarding Lifebox releases and other development information. If spot any bugs, be sure to let me know in the forums or, if it's a security concern, send me an e-mail via the contact link at the bottom.