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This package contains common functions for POSIX shell projects to increase code reuse:

*shell-getopt: Shell implementation of getopt(1) utility and getopt family;
*shell-config: to work (read, change and remove variables) with a shell-like config files;
*shell-ini-config: to work with a ini-like config files;
*shell-signal: to change the action taken by a process on receipt of a specific signal;
*shell-args: to check argument type, display version and program usage;
*shell-ip-address: to validate the IP address;
*shell-mail-address: to validate the domain and email address;
*shell-quote: to quote variables;
*shell-unittest: Unit testing framework for shell (xUnit compatible);
*shell-error: to display error and verbose messages;...


altlinux config email error getopt ini ip-address library posix quote security sh shell signal unittest unittesting usage verbose

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