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Epsilon is a family of integrated model management languages for tasks such as model navigation and modification, transformation, validation, comparison, merging etc.

Epsilon can be used to manage models of different modeling technologies (EMF, MDR) and is supported by Eclipse plugins (editors, outline viewers, launch configurations etc).

Epsilon also provides a number of Eclipse-based tools such as tools for code profiling and monitoring, an ANT-based workflow for defining complex chains of model management operations, an extension of the built-in reflective EMF editor (Exeed) that enables users to customize its appearence (icons and labels), and a multi-tab editor (ModeLink) that enables users to establish arbitrary links between different EMF models.


development eclipse eclipse_plugin emf framework gmf language m2m mda mdd mde metamodel model modeling modelling model_validation mof refactoring transformation uml uml2 xmi

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