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Posted over 1 year ago by Roger Burrows
Changes in EmuTOS 1.1.1: There was only one change to fix a bug in EmuTOS 1.1: double-clicking on the desktop background caused a crash in EmuDesk.
Posted over 1 year ago by Roger Burrows
Major changes: - AES: Add support for colour icons - AES: Add support for colour windows - BIOS: Add support for Falcon DSP - BIOS: Add interrupt-driven I/O for MFP and TT-MFP serial ports - BIOS: Improve Nova video card support in several areas - ... [More] EmuCON: Allow setting of EmuCON startup folder - EmuCON: Initialise EmuCON default path from AES's PATH variable - EmuDesk: Remove the non-standard 'menu click' preference - General: Add online manual for EmuTOS - General: Add support for Hungarian & Turkish languages - General: Make the 512K ROMs single-language only [Less]
Posted about 2 years ago by Christian Zietz
Changes in EmuTOS 1.0.1: There was only one change to fix a bug in EmuTOS 1.0: On an Atari Falcon with 4 MB RAM, when using the 512k ROM version of EmuTOS, a Nova graphics card was erroneously detected. This caused a panic during boot, preventing the use of the 512k ROM version of EmuTOS 1.0 on such a machine.
Posted over 2 years ago by Roger Burrows
Major changes: - BIOS: Add keyboard mapping for Spanish keyboard - BIOS: Change Spanish character set to Atari ASCII, like Atari TOS - BIOS: Improve joystick compatibility with Atari TOS - EmuDesk: Implement "Search"/"Cycle windows"/"Select all ... [More] items" in File menu - EmuDesk: Implement "Size to Fit" in View menu - EmuDesk: Implement "Cache" in Options menu - EmuDesk: Add user-modifiable shortcuts for desktop menu items - VDI: Add support for Atari GDOS - VDI: Fix spacing and positioning of outlined text - VDI: Improve text output quality for special effects - VDI: Underline text within character cell if possible, like Atari TOS - General: Add Polish language support - General: Generate language-specific ROMs for PAK 68/3 hardware [Less]
Posted over 3 years ago by Roger Burrows
Major changes: - AES: Fix screen display on Falcon with NVDI 4 - Amiga: All versions of Amiga RAM are now fully supported - ARAnyM: Only set up the 68040 PMMU if required - BIOS: Add support for ATI Mach32 graphics card in Nova adapter - BIOS: Add ... [More] support for Volksfarben 4000 adapter - BIOS: Fix occasional crash in Supexec() (affected Klapauzius games) - EmuCON: Fix EmuCON copy/move handling of . and .. directories - EmuCON: Use ctrl+arrows for line editing - EmuDesk: Display desktop function key assignments - EmuDesk: Display free memory - EmuDesk: Implement support for printing from the desktop - EmuDesk: Increase max depth for desktop copy/move (now same as Atari TOS) - General: Add Dutch language support [Less]
Posted over 3 years ago by Roger Burrows
Major changes: - Amiga: Add support for Vampire V4 Standalone - ARAnyM: Enable 68040 PMMU by default (relevant for FreeMiNT users) - BIOS: Improve console output performance - EmuCON: Make command prompt include the current path - EmuDesk: Many ... [More] changes and additions to alerts - EmuDesk: Show count & size of selected items in window info line - EmuDesk: Update default icon set - LineA: Fix crash when using NVDI 5.03 in 256-colour resolution - VDI: Improve performance of VDI rectangle drawing [Less]
Posted about 4 years ago by Roger Burrows
Major changes: - AES: Avoid unnecessary redraws by AES window manager - AES: Fix shutdown bug in shel_write() - BDOS: Improve BDOS write file performance - BDOS: Improve BDOS sector caching algorithm - BDOS: Avoid unnecessary directory sector writes ... [More] in BDOS - BDOS: Improve Fsnext() performance - BIOS: Add SCSI support for TT and Falcon - BIOS: Implement support for ET4000 graphics card - BIOS: Implement automatic verify for floppy writes - BIOS: Improve IDE data transfer speed - BIOS: Improve TT RAM size detection for Storm cards - BIOS: Fix reboot loop if Ctrl+Alt+Del held down - EmuCON: Allow resolution change in EmuCON - EmuDesk: Clean up if EmuDesk terminates abnormally - EmuDesk: Fix bug in EmuDesk copy function - EmuDesk: Fix EmuDesk out-of-sequence redraws - EmuDesk: Make EmuDesk menu for icon/text selection like Atari TOS - VDI: Improve the appearance of VDI curved lines [Less]
Posted about 5 years ago by Vincent Rivière
There was only one change, to fix a major bug in EmuDesk: if a desktop shortcut for a file/folder was dragged to the trash or a disk icon or an open window, then all the folders at the same level as the selected file/folder were included in the operation, causing unwanted deletes/moves/copies.
Posted about 5 years ago by Roger Burrows
Major changes: - AES: Allow mouse cursors to be loaded at boot time - EmuDesk: Add 'Desktop configuration' dialog - EmuDesk: Allow configuration of window/desktop backgrounds - EmuDesk: Allow desktop window file mask to be specified - EmuDesk: Omit ... [More] unused desktop menu items - EmuDesk: Open new window with Alt+doubleclick on folder - General: Automatically build snapshot releases when a commit is pushed - VDI: Add blitter support for horizontal line drawing - VDI: Add blitter support for filled rectangle drawing - VDI: Add blitter support for raster graphics [Less]
Posted almost 6 years ago by Roger Burrows
Major changes: - Amiga: New boot floppy target - Amiga: Rewrite floppy routines - Amiga: Support multiple video modes - BIOS: Autodetect IDE interface with twisted cable at run-time - EmuDesk: Add support for desktop shortcuts - EmuDesk: Add support for formatting floppies - EmuDesk: Add support for user-assignable desktop icons