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Posted over 9 years ago by Mark Prichard
Continuous integration using Jenkins is increasingly seen as an effective tool for reducing the cycle time from product backlog to receiving actual user feedback. This can result in real increases in developer and team productivity when combined with an Open … Continue reading →
Posted over 9 years ago by Dale Olds
Cloud Foundry includes a component called the User Account and Authentication (UAA) service which was introduced about a year ago. It provides user account management and authentication for developers that push applications to cloudfoundry.com, including single signon with support.cloudfoundry.com, micro.cloudfoundry.com, … Continue reading →
Posted over 9 years ago by Hideki Kurihara
As the world’s leading telecom, NTT Communications has experience delivering global cloud services to enterprise customers. Enterprises in Japan are seeking the openness, choice, agility and extensibility that an Open PaaS can provide. In this guest blog, Hideki Kurihara, Product … Continue reading →
Posted over 9 years ago by Raja Rao DV
In the previous blog Scaling Real-time Apps on Cloud Foundry Using Node.js and Redis, we used Redis as a ‘session store’ and also as a ‘pub-sub’ service for chat messages. But in many enterprise grade real-time apps, you may want … Continue reading →
Posted over 9 years ago by Raja Rao DV
Common applications being built on Node.js like social networking and chat require real-time scaling capabilities across multiple instances. Developers need to deal with sticky sessions, scale-up, scale-down, instance crash/restart, and more. Cloud Foundry PaaS provides a ready platform to achieve … Continue reading →
Posted over 9 years ago by Maria Shaldibina
Rails version 3.1 introduced the assets pipeline as a way to properly organize and serve static assets. We are adding assets pipeline support for Rails applications deployed on  CloudFoundry.com. Assets pipeline includes compression, ERB evaluation, Javascript and CSS processing using Rails 3.1 … Continue reading →
Posted almost 10 years ago by Maria Shaldibina
Since Cloud Foundry introduced npm support, we added several improvements that make deploying Node.js applications with dependencies easier, faster and more transparent to developers. Easy development When we introduced npm support in Node.js, in addition to generating “npm-shrinkwrap.json” file with … Continue reading →
Posted almost 10 years ago by Dekel Tankel
The Cloud Foundry team is happy to announce Cloud Foundry Core  -  a program designed to preserve cloud application portability. In the cloud computing world, preserving a choice of clouds is critical. The risks of being locked into a single … Continue reading →
Posted almost 10 years ago by Ramnivas Laddad
We are excited to announce a new version of Micro Cloud Foundry™ with a new set of features. Among those new features is a new process to streamline frequent updates so that we can maintain compatibility between Micro Cloud Foundry … Continue reading →
Posted about 10 years ago by Cloud Foundry
The Cloud Foundry team has released new features to improve management of Ruby gems in apps running on CloudFoundry.com. These features include support for using Git URLs in Gemfiles, handling of the BUNDLE_WITHOUT environment variable, and platform specification to control the … Continue reading →