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Posted over 9 years ago by Altoros
This is a guest blog post by Altoros, a software development firm specializing in Ruby on Rails, Adobe Flex, .NET, Java and mobile app development. Cloud Foundry is by default a highly distributed multi-tenant platform that is usually deployed at … Continue reading →
Posted over 9 years ago by Martin Englund
The following is Cloud Foundry technology blog from engineer Martin Englund Within the Cloud Foundry BOSH team we have been working on the Cloud Provider Interface for Amazon Web Services EC2 for over a year now, and coming from VMware … Continue reading →
Posted over 9 years ago by Jake Farrell
In this guest post, Jake Farrell, CTO for Static.com, explains how the major shift in the hosting industry towards platforms for high developer productivity and data-centric applications led them to build their Platform as a Service using Cloud Foundry with … Continue reading →
Posted over 9 years ago by Andy Piper
Cloud Foundry is an Open Platform-as-a-Service, and an Open Source project. It has attracted phenomenal interest from the community - including partners, companies using the code internally, and those individual developers with a passion for getting involved. You can find the source … Continue reading →
Posted over 9 years ago by Colin Humphreys
For Comic Relief – a UK based charity, fifty minutes of downtime during peak fundraising hours could result in half their annual online donations income being lost. This blog describes how Cloud Foundry was used to provide an Enterprise grade … Continue reading →
Posted over 9 years ago by Matthew Kocher, Vikram Rana
NTT, the world’s leading telecom, has been active in fostering the Cloud Foundry developer and user community in Japan. We’re excited about NTT Lab’s latest open source community contribution to Cloud Foundry – Nise BOSH, a lightweight BOSH emulator for … Continue reading →
Posted over 9 years ago by Jonas Partner
From its beginning, Cloud Foundry has been committed to providing developers and enterprises choice of deployment options spanning public and private clouds. In this post, Jonas Partner, CEO of CloudCredo and OpenCredo, shares how their enterprise customers are using PaaS … Continue reading →
Posted over 9 years ago by Dr. Wei-Min Lu
A fast growing mobile apps market alongside the increasing need for a unified enterprise private cloud platform requires a new generation of open PaaS solutions in China. In this guest blog, Wei-Min Lu, founder and CEO of Anchora, explains why … Continue reading →
Posted over 9 years ago by Nieraj Singh
In the course of developing, testing and deploying cloud applications, developers sometimes need to directly access the application data. The Cloud Foundry Integration for Eclipse advances this capability and now features the ability to launch external command-line applications for Cloud … Continue reading →
Posted over 9 years ago by James Watters
For those who have not heard, Cloud Foundry, the open platform-as-a-service project, is now part of the recently announced Pivotal Initiative, an independent entity funded by VMware and EMC. (For a preview of our Paul Maritz-led Pivotal Initiative, check out … Continue reading →