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Project Summary

The Browser Privacy Test is powered by the open source project NSnitch. With NSnitch, find out which name servers are snitching on you.

Provides a DNS server which records the IP address of requests made against it and then makes that IP available via a JSON API. For example, use the API to check if DNS over TLS or DNSSEC is enabled or "Checking Disabled" is on or off.
Also provides lookups for Tor Node membership, DNS blacklist status and Geo data. We welcome people to use our hosted version on nstoro.com.

See the open source API in action at https://tenta.com/test. This browser privacy test tool is brought to you by Team Tenta. Tenta is your private, encrypted browser that protects your data instead of selling.


blacklist dns dnssec ip nameserver network networking privacy privacy_leaks recursor resolver security tls tor WebRTC

In a Nutshell, Browser Privacy Test - NSnitch...

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