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Overviewbindfs is a FUSE filesystem for mounting a directory to another location, similarly to mount --bind. The permissions inside the mountpoint can be altered using various rules.

ExamplesHere are some examples of what bindfs can do for you:

Make a directory read-only. bindfs --perms=a-w somedir somedir
Share a directory with some other users without modifying /etc/group. bindfs --mirror-only=joe,bob,@wheel ~/some/dir shared
Make your website available to the webserver process read-only. bindfs --owner=www --perms=0000:u=rD ~/stuff/website ~/public_html
Make all new files uploaded to an FTP share owned by you and seen by everyone. bindfs --create-for-user=me --create-with-perms=u+rw,a+rD /var/ftp/uploads /var/ftp/uploads

Manualbindfs --help man 1 bindfs Supportbindfs has been tested on Linux 2.4/2.6 with fuse 2.5.3+ as well as Mac OS X 10.5 with MacFUSE. Please tell me if you have tried it on another platform, such as FreeBSD.

Basic installation instructions are available.

All bug reports, comments and ideas are very welcome at or the issue tracker.


chmod commandline filesystem filesystems fuse linux macfuse macosx mount mount_bind permission


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