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The VIPS library/image processing system is well suited for larger than RAM true and false-colour images. VIPS can be used for image format conversion, colour calibration, image filtering, transformation and analysis, thumbnail generation, small object recognition and many other image processing tasks. VIPS is well suited for medical and scientific research & development and batch image processing. It is not so good for retouching photographs. The system has two main parts: libvips is the library, and nip2 is the GUI. Both execute common image processing tasks faster than other image processing systems because of sophisticated memory/task management and multicore compatibility.
VIPS runs in batch (command line) mode on *nix, Windows, Mac and other OSes.


analyse arbitrary_number_of_colour_bands batch_processing c c++ color color_calibration colour colour_calibration dicom embedded fast graphics graphics2d graphics_conversion high_bit_depth_images high_performance_computing image_analysis image_comparison image_filtering image_format image_manipulation image_processing image_transform lgpl library linux low_memory mac matlab morphological_analysis multicore multi-platform multispectral orc osx parsec_parallel_benchmark perspective_transform photography pixel pixels python radiance raster raster-based rotation smp spectral_analysis swig systems thumbnail thumbnailer thumbnail_production tools unix windows

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