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Project Summary

Things you can do with this plugin:

1. You can set Country Code as a prefix or suffix for each player by adding %TSGeoIP-CC-Prefix and %TSGeoIP-CC-Suffix to the user's Prefix and Suffix.
2. You can setup a region limit for your server.
3. You can use the whitelist to allow players to avoid the region limit.

List of commands:

/tsgeoip reload_set
/tsgeoip save_set
/tsgeoip dbmode
/tsgeoip prefix true|false
/tsgeoip suffix true|false
/tsgeoip prefix_str "({0}) "
/tsgeoip suffix_str " ({0})"
/tsgeoip akl
/tsgeoip akl_list
/tsgeoip aklw
/tsgeoip aklw_list


geoip plugin Terraria TShock

In a Nutshell, TSGeoIP...

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