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Project Summary

Framework for add-ins on Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect
The Enterprise Architect Add-in Framework contains useful stuff for
developing add-ins and tools upon Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

- EAAddinFramework/
- EAAddinBase.cs base class containing all EA defined events that can be used by add-ins, complete with documentation. Extend this class to make a new EA add-in.
- EAWrappers/ Set of wrapper classes for the EA API objects, implementing the UML metamodel interfaces in UML Tooling framework
- EAAddinTester/ A test application for testing menu driven functionality of your add-ins
- MyAddin/ Example add-in

- UML Tooling Framework: https://github.com/GeertBellekens/UML-Tooling-Framework


addin architect ea enterprise enterprisearchitect framework sparx sparxsystems uml

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