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  Name I Use This Lines of Code   Current Committers Community Rating Reviews Description  
KDE Connect 5 70805
0 Integrate Android with the KDE Desktop. Current feature list: - Share files and URLs to KDE ... [More] from any app - Clipboard share: copy from or to your desktop - Notifications sync (4.3+): Read your Android notifications from KDE - Multimedia remote control: Use your phone as a remote control - WiFi connection: no usb wire or bluetooth needed - RSA Encryption: your information is safe Please note you will need to install KDE Connect on KDE for this app to work. [Less]
KScreen 0 20228
16 none 0 KDE's screen management software
Artikulate 0 122848
8 none 0 Artikulate is a language learning application that helps improving pronunciation skills for various languages.
Rocs 1 29070
0 Rocs is a Graph Theory IDE for everybody interested in designing and analyzing graph algorithms (e.g., lecturers, students, researchers). For all these users, Rocs provides an easy to use visual data structure editor and a powerful scripting engine to execute algorithms.
QCA 1 61553
7 none 0 Qt Cryptographic Architecture
KDE Examples 0 0
0 none 0 A collection of coding examples that provide practical demonstrations of the usage of KDE libraries. ... [More] This module is open for all KDE libraries and applications that wish to offer example code to help other developers get up to speed quicker. If your app has plugins, KDE Examples is a great place to host an example or three. If you publish a library, KDE Examples is the perfect place to show how it can be used. [Less]
KDE Frameworks 5 2 1413618
178 none 0 KDE Frameworks are 60 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see the Frameworks 5.0 release announcement.
JuK Homepage 0 172
0 none 0 JuK Homepage
Plasma Framework 4 52393
30 none 0 Plasma Framework contains the libraries and components needed to create KDE Plasma Workspaces.
ModemManagerQt 1 5204
0 none 0 Qt wrapper for ModemManager DBus API.
NetworkManagerQt 1 0
0 Qt wrapper for NetworkManager API.
qtcurve 1 86330
0 QtCurve Theme
KPPP 0 14398
0 none 0 KDE Dialer and Front end for pppd
Plasma NM 3 41492
0 Plasma applet written in QML for managing network connections
KDE Plasma Worksp... 3 1187186
0 KDE offers an array of different workspaces, each tailored to a different kind of workflow or ... [More] computing device. Each workspace provides a modern and customizable environment for running your favorite applications and accessing your information wherever it may be. Other common attributes of the KDE workspaces include advanced window management and desktop effects, support for KDE Plasma Widgets, integrated search, hardware management and a high degree of customizability. KDE workspaces are compatible with all applications, including but not limited to those built using the KDE Development Platform. [Less]
Zanshin (KDE) 2 38180
6 none 0 Zanshin is a powerful yet simple application for managing your day to day actions and notes. It helps you organize and reduce the cognitive pressure of what one has to do in his job and personal life. You'll never forget anything anymore, getting your mind like water.
libkgeomap 1 12424
1 none 0 Libkgeomap is a wrapper around different world-map components, to browse and arrange photos over a map.
Attica 0 10582
9 none 0 Attica is a Qt library that implements the Open Collaboration Services API.
KDE Polka 0 0
0 none 0 Polka is the humane address book for the cloud. Its interface is built how people think about people, and it connects to the cloud, while still giving the user full control about the data.
kdev-ruby 0 16241
2 none 0 KDevelop plugin which provides Ruby language support.