All application software in both main and restricted must meet the following requirements:

Must allow redistribution. Your right to sell or give away the software alone, or as part of an aggregate software distribution, is important because:

- You, the user, must be able to pass on any software you have received from Ubuntu in either source code or compiled form.

- While Ubuntu will not charge license fees for this distribution, you might well want to charge to print Ubuntu CD's, or create your own customized versions of Ubuntu which you sell, and should have the freedom to do so.

- Must not require royalty payments or any other fee for redistribution or modification. It's important that you can exercise your rights to this software without having to pay for the privilege, and that you can pass these rights on to other people on exactly the same basis.

- Must allow these rights to be passed on along with the software. You should be able to have exactly the same rights to the software as we do.

- Must not discriminate against persons, groups or against fields of endeavour. The license of software included in Ubuntu can not discriminate against anyone or any group of users and cannot restrict users from using the software for a particular field of endeavour - a business for example. Thus we will not distribute software that is licensed "freely for non-commercial use".

- Must not be distributed under a license specific to Ubuntu. The rights attached to the software must not depend on the programme's being part of Ubuntu system. So we will not distribute software for which Ubuntu has a "special" exemption or right, and we will not put our own software into Ubuntu and then refuse you the right to pass it on.

- Must not contaminate other software licenses. The license must not place restrictions on other software that is distributed along with it. For example, the license must not insist that all other programmes distributed on the same medium be free software.

- May require source modifications to be distributed as patches. In some cases, software authors are happy for us to distribute their software and modifications to their software, as long as the two are distributed separately, so that people always have a copy of their pristine code. We are happy to respect this preference. However, the license must explicitly permit distribution of software built from modified source code.

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