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Wicket review  
written over 15 years ago

Wicket is a component based web application framework which lets java developers think of web applications in terms of components which can designed upon object oriented principles.
A few points worth mentioning::
1.The html markup (& looks) remains intact in the html, without any scripting,special tags or code mix up & leaves room for ui designers to work independently.
2.Sessions are managed by the framework.
3.Above point does not make it session heavy as the concept of Models is simple and sound, letting them be detached from session & attached to session.
4.Ajax support with ajax components
5.Writing new components is a breeze.
6.Community & mailing lists are just great

"If you are a java developer, try to get the hang of wicket...And you might not want to return back to any other thing you were using for web front-end development.....theres a lot of hype on a lot of stuff out there for the job.Wicket experience is so solid that you will quit re-visiting it "

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