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Satya Portal Pack

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This will be a PHP framework, supporting PHP version 5.2.x and higher. The main feature of this framework is that it will not force any structure of it\'s own. It will just provide routines and classes to make life of a PHP developer much easier.

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SPP PHP Framework

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Satya Portal Pack is a PHP framework, designed to be minimal at core and expandable by modules. This is the era of web applications and not merely websites. So, role of a web programmer is no longer limited to that of a designer, but a full fledged software engineer is required to design and ... [More] maintain a web application. The main design principals of this framework are: 1) Frameworks should give full freedom to developer and software engineer to think and formulate the application according his own conceptualisation. 2) Frameworks should support a particular programming paradigm (like MVC architecture), but should not enforce it. 3) Framework should be extensible according to the needs of developer. This framework is still under development and requires active participation from the communit [Less]

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