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Assistant Developer, GUI Designer While Dusk was still being worked on my contributions were mostly in Moderating the server and some minor Java updates. Later on I completely redid ... [More] the GUI and storage structure of Dusk, making it compatible with MySQL. [Less]

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Developer, Administrator, Moderator, Manager This project is in it's early stages but it's something I came up with using the eAthena server software and phpBB forum software to create a complete ... [More] online gaming environment. The website was created by twentynine and myself. Currently both the forum/website and server run off of the same MySQL database. The next goal is the client. It needs to be created from scratch to work with eAthena. It will be created in Java and part of it's own project. [Less]
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Developer I started this project years ago to learn networking and the Java 2D api. It got to a point where we almost had a team working on it, but it ended up ... [More] being a done deal after 2 years. The server and client both work (the server isnt the most efficient) but it may take some tinkering to get the actual source code working on your setup. [Less]

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