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Sparse, the semantic parser, provides a compiler frontend capable of parsing most of ANSI C as well as many GCC extensions, and a collection of sample compiler backends, including a static analyzer also called "sparse". Sparse provides a set of annotations designed to convey semantic information ... [More] about types, such as what address space pointers point to, or what locks a function acquires or releases. [Less]

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X Window System protocol binding library. Originally for C bindings, but now generalized to several other languages. This is a lightweight replacement for the binding portion of Xlib, featuring thread transparency, XML extensibility, and a small and straightforward interface. The version of ... [More] Xlib currently being distributed by X.Org uses XCB for its transport; this allows XCB and Xlib calls to be freely mixed for ease in porting applications and toolkits. Most of the XCB C code is autogenerated from XML descriptions. (This may be why Ohloh complains about the degree of code commenting.) [Less]

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maildirman copies held messages from Mailman's moderator queues to a Maildir. After you move messages to "spam" and "non-spam" folders, it feeds them through SpamAssassin's Bayesian learner, and tells Mailman to discard or accept, as appropriate. This allows you to manage both list moderation and ... [More] spamassassin training via a local MUA, a standard IMAP client, maildirsync, or any number of other standard mail-handling mechanisms, rather than only through the Mailman web interface. [Less]

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libpthread-stubs provides stub functions for pthreads as weak aliases for platforms on which libc does not provide these stubs. Linking to both libc and libpthread-stubs will always provide a full set of pthread stubs, allowing programs and libraries to portably use pthreads when linked to pthreads ... [More] and improve single-threaded performance when not linked to pthreads. [Less]

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Dolt provides a drop-in replacement for libtool that significantly decreases compile times on the platforms it supports. Rather than the libtool approach of running a large script for every compile that repeatedly figures out how to build libraries on the platform, dolt figures out those details at ... [More] configure time and writes out a minimal doltcompile script containing only the commands needed to build a library on the current platform. If you use automake, autoconf, and libtool, then using dolt just requires two steps: 1. add DOLT after the call to LT_INIT, AC_PATH_LIBTOOL, or AM_PATH_LIBTOOL in your or script, and 2. append dolt.m4 to your project's acinclude.m4. For any platform Dolt does not support, it will transparently fall back to libtool. [Less]

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Track changes to a patch series over time

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