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Care needed Reading the Data here  
written about 10 years ago

Unfortunately, the data here includes commits for two projects both calling themselves webERP. Due to an acrimonious split and a difference in development philosophies there are two branches of webERP maintained in different repositories. One managed by Tim Schofield at www.web-erp.org (and sourceforge.net/projects/weberp and various launchpad sites). The other and original is still maintained and managed by myself and original donor of the code base Phil Daintree. Still at the original home of www.weberp.org and sourceforge.net/projects/web-erp There are considerable differences between the two projects now - some would call them forks. It is potentially confusing to readers have both projects activity listed under the one ohloh site. I have reported the duplication, but Ohlo has not acted on this. Hopefully this clears some of the confusion created.

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