David Edmundson

Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK

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KDE Telepathy

Claimed by KDE Analyzed 6 months ago

Real time Communication has traditionally been a detached feature of Desktop Computing, provided via stand-alone Instant Messaging clients with poor integration into the desktop experience. One of the primary goals of the KDE 4 series is to tighten integration between different components of the ... [More] environment. The KDE Telepathy (KTp) project aims to tackle just this. Our aims are: * To integrate Real Time Communication deeply into the KDE Workspaces and Applications * To provide a infrastructure to aid development of Collaborative features for KDE applications. [Less]

95.8K lines of code

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6 months since last commit

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LightDM Greeter for KDE

Claimed by KDE Analyzed about 4 hours ago

Login screen for KDE using the LightDM framework.

3.82K lines of code

0 current contributors

about 5 years since last commit

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