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Lots of potential  
written almost 15 years ago

PearColator is an open source dynamic binary translator that makes use of the Jikes RVM for state-of-the-art adaptive and optimizing compilation. It supports ARM, x86 and PowerPC instructions sets and has a complete framework for system emulation. Being written in Java the system ports easily onto other architectures. The Jikes RVM suppors PowerPC and x86 architectures on a range of operating systems, and a number of back ends have been created for other target architectures. The potential of PearColator to be an important part of an operating sytem stack is realized in projects to create Java operating systems, such as JNode. On current operating systems it offers the ability to emulate applications at speeds beyond what can be achieved with naive JIT compilation. In particular its ARM emulation provides a 4 times speed up over comparable tools.

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