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Language page ranking not updated

At least for the Scheme programming language, the language overview page at doesn't seem to get updated at all anymore.

For instance, just click on the top committer under "recently active" shirok, - the list claims he made 89 commits between August and October. However, on his personal accounts page you see he made 109 commits in August and September alone. Now, Gauche has large parts written in C, so that could explain it, but if you look at Bert Burgemeister (the third on the list), he has made 56 commits in p-rout, which is almost entirely written in Scheme while the list claims he made only 44 commits.

As for myself (, you can see in the commit history overview graph that I've made over 100 commits these past two months in the "Chicken numbers library". Now, many of those commits were in the C file in that project, but I'm pretty sure that I made a lot more than 10 commits to the Scheme files in said project.

Peter Bex over 8 years ago