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UnrealScript support

It would be nice if the UnrealScript language was recognised by Ohloh. At the moment it fails to do so, stating No recognizable code.

UnrealScript source files use the extension .uc and the language syntax is somewhere between Java and C, similar to D or JavaScript.

Here's an example:

Its syntax highlighting is supported by KDE's Kate and some other text editors.

GreatEmerald about 10 years ago


I will pass on your request to management. Please also take a look at our open-source project at

It would be the most direct way to add support for UnrealScript if you would see if it's possible to write the necessary routines yourself. The code is mostly in Ruby and we will eagerly accept pull requests.


ssnow-blackduck about 10 years ago

Thanks. Making a pull request for it doesn't sound difficult, only the parser part looks somewhat confusing, but I think I can figure it out by looking at examples. So I'll take a look once I have some time.

GreatEmerald about 10 years ago

Pull request submitted:

GreatEmerald about 10 years ago

So, it's been a while, and still no response whatsoever. I'm also not even sure if that repository is still active, given the recent changes to the names and whatnot...

GreatEmerald over 9 years ago


It's a busy time here with some serious upgrades to the infrastructure pending but I'll try to push the info up to management for their review.


ssnow-blackduck over 9 years ago