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The AMPL code incorrectly reported as Modula-2

The project contains a large amount of code written in the AMPL language. AMPL ( is a popular modeling language for mathematical optimization. This code is reported as written in a completely unrelated Modula-2 ( language as can be seen from the project page.

Common extensions for AMPL files are .mod, .dat and .run, so maybe .mod files are mistaken for Modula-2.

vitaut about 9 years ago


I will promote the request up to management for implementation but the fastest way to get AMPL recognition into our arsenal is to add it yourself. Please take a look at our routines at (mostly written in Ruby) and see if you might be able to submit changes / additions to the code. We use a combination of extension recognition and algorithm recognition since you can see that extensions are frequently re-used and often ignored completely.

Feel free to fork the code and let us know if you have any success and in the meantime I'll submit this to management for consideration.


ssnow-blackduck about 9 years ago

I've implemented support for AMPL in ohcount: . Hope this can be integrated in the mainline and used on Ohloh to improve language detection for this case.

vitaut about 9 years ago

I've noticed that the last commit to the ohcount project was about a year ago. Is it not maintained any more?

vitaut about 9 years ago


That looks about correct... (Dec 21, 2012). You should see some activity surrounding your pull request. I know management is aware of it. A lot of the work goes on behind-the-scenes with testing changes intensively to decide if the resulting code is production-ready. Then it will be migrated back to GitHub to complete the circle.

ohcount doesn't receive too much development time since there are a fair number of alligators around here and none of them bite in that part of the pool. There are plenty of live gremlins that take greater priority, sadly.

Thanks for your contribution and stay tuned.

ssnow-blackduck about 9 years ago

Any updates regarding this issue?

vitaut almost 9 years ago

Hi Vitaut;

Sorry for the delay, we are scoping the review of this PR and wanted to assure you it is in the backlog and making its way up!

Peter Degen-Por... over 8 years ago

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the update.


vitaut over 8 years ago