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Logic behind "organisations" on user page?

Currently my user page shows "Contributed on behalf of 1 organization including:
Radboud University Nijmegen".

I don't understand how it derived this. First off, Radboud University doesn't seem to be listed under the Ohloh organisations page, so it can't be based on that IIUC. So I think that it's based on the "affiliation" attribute of a position, but that doesn't seem right either, since I have at least 4 organisations listed on my positions overview page. Is this a bug, or am I misunderstanding something?

Peter Bex over 9 years ago


Have referred this up to management. The current state of the users pages is new and they will be sure to check out this issue. It looks to me as if I see ten affiliations of which three-and-a-half are unique (the half is for Case Builders which is apparently the successor to Solide ICT? We haven't followed the succession for the other five occurrences...) I suspect it should show "Contributed on behalf of 4 organizations..." though I have no idea by what mechanism they derive the organization data. It will be educational to follow this through (if I can...)


ssnow-blackduck over 9 years ago

Sorry to respond so late, I hadn't noticed I got a reply here. CASE Builders is not exactly the successor to Solide ICT; the companies merged and split up again later.

The user overview info still shows 1 organisation :/

Peter Bex about 9 years ago