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PKGBUILD should be detected

Since build scripts like cmake are now treated as valid language, I'd like to see PKGBUILDs of Arch Linux recognized too.

Now here is a "No source code was detected in this file" example:

Felix Yan over 9 years ago

Hmm, it's a year later now :(

Would there be a chance that this will be implemented? Marking PKGBUILDs as shell scripts are fine since they are meant to be sourced in bash.

Felix Yan about 8 years ago


You may want to take a look into our open-source source code recognition engine at and perhaps you or someone you know can suggest enhancements to make our shell scripts recognition more flexible and count PKGBUILD files as well. This would be the most direct way to get the enhancement you are looking for. We are accepting improvements gladly. Otherwise, it will get caught up in the backlog and get very little attention just now.


ssnow-blackduck about 8 years ago

Oh, thanks a lot for pointing out the way :D

Felix Yan about 8 years ago