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How about adding some statistics deri...

How about adding some statistics derived from groups of committers on similar projects?

For instance, other people who work on many of the same projects, shown in a manner similar to the "people with similar stacks", and sorted by number of common projects with some weight applied based on the commits by each person to the shared project.

Another possibility: "people who work on projects with you also work on these projects that you don't". That might point you at projects you want to work on.

For that matter, how about "Major contributors to your stack"?

Or, for that matter, "people who work on the same projects that you do tend to use..." (based on their stacks)?

And, on a more lighthearted note, how about a Googlefight-like mechanism for $FOO-wars based on some set of projects or people? "Among users of this project, how many use Emacs versus vim, or GNOME versus KDE?"

Furthermore, how about dogfooding? "This many developers of GNOME have KDE in their stacks", or "This many developers of Mozilla Firefox have Epiphany or Galeon or Konqueror in their stacks".

Josh Triplett about 15 years ago