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Codebase not scanned from a long time ago

It's about 16 days that my project enlistments haven't been updated. And marked as Failed in last checking.
It's on
Could you see what the problem is and fix it?
If it's possible, please purge any clones on Ohloh related to Arta and re-clone it again from the enlistment.

Mehran Ahadi almost 11 years ago


First, I must apologize for my late response. Sometimes I miss a post if it scrolls below the bottom of the first page. It's a bad habit of mine.

I was able to force an update by adding a nonsense ignore order which I have now removed. The update finished OK about 17 hours ago. Analysis is now at August 3, 2012 on code collected on August 3, 2012 and last commit is at July 27, 2012 (confirmed with web interface).

Please tell me here if the project stumbles again.

Thanks for your patience!

ssnow-blackduck almost 11 years ago

Thank you for responding to my request.
Seems there are no problems with the project anymore.
I really appreciate your help.


Mehran Ahadi almost 11 years ago