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Keyfilededitor doesnt show any commits.

My project Keyfile editor for Falcon BMS doesnt get any code analysis. It just says There do not appear to be any commits in the repository(s) listed for this project.. I don't know what I did wrong or what I was supposed to do but the SourceForge-project linked to ( looks OK to me...?

RagnarDa over 11 years ago


Redefined the address of the subversion to that given on the Sourceforge page. Look at the results and see if anything may need to be added to the ignore list.

Analysis page is at May 08 2012 and last commit is at 2012-05-07 (about 21 hours ago).

Remind me here if there are further problems or if you have any questions.


ssnow-blackduck over 11 years ago

Thanks! Will look into ignore-list now.

RagnarDa over 11 years ago